Life is too short for nonsense

Just over five years ago now I lost my father and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. Last night, knowing I am visiting his final resting place this Saturday and having drunk far too much alcohol for a Tuesday, I had another meltdown. It is a strange place to be when you are crying in front of the mirror, face contorted with grief and you can’t stop, despite looking and recognising how utterly stupid you look. But this morning I am not thinking about five years ago. I am resting my mind on the fact that twelve years ago I brought into this life an incredible daughter. Who really does know how to dance like no one is watching. Who embodies fun. And. That nine years ago I found an amazing truly wonderful and unique man. My eternal rock. And. That two years ago we brought into this world a very special, super bright and ridiculously cheeky little girl. These are the people in my closest universe of which I am a mere speck on the horizon. And it is them whom I hope are enriched by some of what my wonderful father gifted me with. A sense of madness, a passion for competition, always seeking out a conversation but also and above all a landscape of laughter and joy. Never to take yourself or others too seriously. Life is really too short for any nonsense.

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