The Jellyfish Promise

97% water it is no surprise there was never any substance in this promise.

I’m going to stop drinking today.

I made it to 3:30pm.

Then it was over. No doubt tomorrow morning will be the same, feelings will envelope me, regret, shame, despair, worry.

It isn’t that I heavily drank but that I just did and I’d promised I wouldn’t.

Tomorrow I need to run at least 4m training.

Otherwise though. The jellyfish promise remains. It’s. a. ‘Sort of’.

2 thoughts on “The Jellyfish Promise

  1. My pre-sober days looked like that scene from ‘Finding Nemo,’ when they swam through the swarms and swarms of jellyfish. Going back on yourself smarts and stings – also like jellyfish. I’ve been where you are…… So many jellyfish promises! Too many to count, actually. Hang in there.* -HM.

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