Take a walk….

Leaves crunching beneath my feet

Green, yellow and mottled brown

Chestnuts still in emerald spiked coats

Push soles of my feet off the ground

Last night they were scattered all around

As the storm swept through the trees

I walk a mud trodden brown path,

it stretches out in front of me afar

So loud is the noise of wind rushing through trees

Envelopes every step I take, all others beseeched

I relish in this nature around

life existing so beautifully but so fragile

I watch the battle of a small Meadow Brown

A surprise for the time of year it tries to land on a nettle

Poor thing doesn’t stand much of a chance,

… it’s life probably only just begun.

I concentrate now on my falling boots,

how the ground supports me, supports us all

Sometimes softer with mud damp, my rhythmic footfall,

still the constant rush of leaves….

this time the noise in my mind

.. is one I’d like to again find .

For the first time now I hear the double cheep cheep of a bird

I stop for a moment try and find what I heard

Wondering what he is saying and how he fared the weather

they better know natures’ hiding places, They are so very clever

I later find out on my walk the bird it was a Kestrel.

But time time is ticking by and I have to return, myself have to fly. But what a wonderful idea mindful walking is. Find a green place, some quiet and reconnect with your ‘is’.

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