4 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. Is tomorrow your first day back to work in a long while? Babes-related? Health? I can stop being nosy – Option C. Going back to work after a break always feels like the biggest Sunday night, doesn’t it? ….. As for empty-yet-should-feel-full, YES. Completely. Totally and miserably frustrated with what I knew I had (so much good), but unable to feel it or embrace it completely. Empty, just like you said. …… The drink doesn’t fill in missing gaps or pieces. It just flooded me for short bursts and slowly broke down the good and beautiful things I had, a little bit at a time. Putting down the drink let me fill up and Feel the goodness I knew I had, but couldn’t grasp. …. I’m afraid the number of metaphors crammed into this one note is reaching the millions. Thinking of you.* There’s hope. So much of it enmeshed in the action of stopping. (An oxymoron to boot. Still, a very true statement, but an oxymoron nonetheless. ☺️) *hugs* -HM.

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  2. Thanks HM. Babes related and also health. I’m going to not be there when she calls Mummy this morning. It sucks. Words resonate with me re drink. Feel like I play cat and mouse with it. I like it. I’m in control. No. I’m abusing. It’s now controlling me. At the moment there is no ‘safe’ amount. A thimbleful and Alice is down the rabbit hole again.

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    1. Thanks HM, appreciate the support. Tomorrow never happened for me but hopefully I’ll get my head in gear next week. Passed out on train and then spent day in the pub. Your tip couldn’t come at a more ripe time. I need to sort this out.

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