9 thoughts on “Day one … again

  1. This sounds so very, very difficult. I feel that sense of shame through your words and it’s an awful place to be. You need to forgive yourself, and not give yourself another reason to feel that awful again. Huge hugs.


      1. Kismet! *smile* Happy you’ve met! Yaaaaaaah for cool people meeting cool people. ….. 2 days is awesome. Days 3 & 4 are usually rocky, because of what your bodies are cycling through. The discomfort is temporary. Eat chocolate. Watch a show. Go for a walk with the babes. Love yourselves up. Kick this motherfucking-shitty-shit-fucking-annoying-stupid-ass-life-sucking addiction in its face! You’ve got this.* LOVE. -HM.

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  2. Those are hard days. The physical pain. The regret. The embarrassment.
    It was very similar experiences that prompted me to quit. I was scared of myself.

    You can get past all this. The booze is not your friend. Big hug.


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