Hope is round the corner…

Hope is round the corner

But it’s a cheeky fox

Just try to find it

and it will run from you

But feed it and it’s yours.

Day 3 felt like a Big Dipper.

Highs and fun moments were amazing

But you were a fool to think they were everlasting.

The noise of a hundred trains soon enveloped my mind. The only escape was a hard 5k run. Fck you I said as I pushed up cardiac hill as I call it. FCK YOU!!!!! To the noise. And slowly, slowly it started to slow down. As I sit here nursing a Becks Blue and nibbling an Easter Egg (yes I know… the universe spoke and helped me see this at the back of the fridge… I think it’s ok to eat 😳), whilst tired, I’m back in the room. Thank God.

Still on the road though. And that feels fine. Esp for a Saturday night. Yay 😉

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