Birdsong bank holidays

Dusklight birdsong interrupted

by the mobile he can’t answer

as he’s been immobile. …

In bed.

Hard for him the 80s flashbacks,

3 days a slave to space they make him

Spaced out my provider space man they take him ……he never expected this.

And I knew I married this. I love him.

Hate to see him like this.


Both of us


Me and two children trying to get on and make it seem as nothing’s difficult, nothings wrong.

Of course it is.

But course it is cause I’m up and down anyway, The B the P and the D

The tempestuous sea

they notice the endless cycle …

it’s never for them pain free

Disappear I say

to the word

Fear I say

in my


Everyone deserves a chance

of a fear free.

Says me.

The endless cycle

Guess who’s disciple.

Let’s see.

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