An Englishwoman does a blog without a clue. A penchant for chaos and calm in equal measures. In just about everything. Fitness. Work. Home. Motherhood. Not necessarily in that order.

Proper English girl with a sprinkle of lunatic daring. Sparkles of love and laughter. And a mind that is learning to live with its monsters. The life I have led has been colourful beyond belief, crazy with excess but also holding down an executive board level job, for two decades now. I guess when you learn to run up a hill to the point that you puke at the top and it’s ok you know you’re not normal. I can metaphorically place that scene into so much of my life and I hope that for some I can build on a recovery position. Which I am still discovering. Anyway. It’s fun. Even the shadows can hold humour when you reflect the right light on them.