Silly me. B. P. D.

What did the doctor say?

Dismissive lines

Dear you’ll be fine

Clear he’s got no idea

Been the story since I can remember

To school a bottle of orange juice

Generous splash of vodka

Since I was fourteen.

The mess thereafter

Should be long ever after

Forgotten and trodden into mud


Hey I’m fun mum.

I’m the run mum

Marathons and disco queen

Make-up at 7am

Party til whatever when

I’ll be your forever glamorous friend.

I’m the surprise

The laugh never dies

I’m here to laugh til the end.

But sometimes. It shadows the BPD.

Ha ha It’s just me.

My scribe..

My scribe today is a runner

I’m calling her that

Her title today

Though. She has fought

many others on the way

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Maybe I’m older

She is however

Our enterprise

She is however.

Today’s spice.

Sprinkle it fondly

With glee

Hope and ambition

Sprinkle with love

Within you for sure

It’s a given.

From London

With love.

X marks the spot

Your weakness.

Hate it or love it a lot

It represses you

Or excites you

It may kill you

It may fill you

May bring you love is

Or a poison promise

Or provide

Escape from the mundane

Confusion and insane

No matter where the X is

It is your controller

Your fix for now is.

Your Is. your being now.

How do we fix it?

Aggression or love?

Search inside

Search above

But do with love try to reach.

For. The answer we beseech.

The Jellyfish Promise

97% water it is no surprise there was never any substance in this promise.

I’m going to stop drinking today.

I made it to 3:30pm.

Then it was over. No doubt tomorrow morning will be the same, feelings will envelope me, regret, shame, despair, worry.

It isn’t that I heavily drank but that I just did and I’d promised I wouldn’t.

Tomorrow I need to run at least 4m training.

Otherwise though. The jellyfish promise remains. It’s. a. ‘Sort of’.