My scribe..

My scribe today is a runner

I’m calling her that

Her title today

Though. She has fought

many others on the way

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Maybe I’m older

She is however

Our enterprise

She is however.

Today’s spice.

Sprinkle it fondly

With glee

Hope and ambition

Sprinkle with love

Within you for sure

It’s a given.

From London

With love.

Trying again…

Gotta keep at this trying

No sense in shutting out the dying

The cost, they have no mummy

My counsellors words, not funny

So here on day two we are again

Sobriety attempt one hundred and ten

You can do this. Keep at it.

For them. For them. For them.

Dealing now with nausea and sweats

A body aching a mind upset

Mouth dry but spitting torrets

It’s time though for no regrets.

Sobriety attempt one hundred and ten.