Little French market

The rows of fresh garlic, amazingly pungent smells contrasting strangely but rather wonderfully with sweet scented lavender stalls, the linens and cloth showing images of beautiful Provence, depicting simple scenes of women outside rustic rural houses on the mountainside, leather ware of bags and shoes, all shades of brown, and then the olives, green, black, filled, therein the tapenade stalls, alongside fresh fish, meat ….and then we see a little boy with a baby goat, a kid with a kid ….begging for money to feed it, speaking perfect English too. A happy day.

Preservation of mankind…

It is almost like the more you look into humanity the more you can lose sight of it; more afraid you may become of the risk and fragility of life. One can quite literally drown in the Pond of paranoia if one lets themselves. The more you try and analyse and understand the beautiful picture on the wall the less beautiful it may become to you forever.

It is nonsensical too some of the arguments we have. The issues we find with each other. That your one moment is greater than that of another’s. When ultimately we should all be at one with the preservation of mankind to the best of all being to all beings. Isn’t it as simple as that.